The following screenshot shows a typical working session:

EP Model Editor

The EP Model Editor indicates syntactical errors in models graphically:

A feature called "Event Focus" allows to fade away model elements that are unrelated to a chosen event. This feature helps to unclutter the view of a model:

In some situations, error correction proposals can be invoked by pressing Ctrl-1:

Other Views

Several views are available that help navigating and working with the EP models that make up an application.

Event Navigator

The Event Navigator view displays a list of the most relevant events in an EP application. This simplifies navigating larger EP systems:

Event Tree

The Event Tree View visualizes how events are propagated through an EP system.

Code View

Some model elements have an associated user-provided code snippet. The Code View allows easy context-sensitive editing of code snippets. It also features syntax-highlighting, error indicators and OCL code completion:

System View

The Domain View gives a class-diagram-like overview of an EP system. It represents models as classes and domains and bridges as packages, and it has automatic and manual layout modes: